Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lace up those walking shoes again.....Levi needs you to rally behind him!

As we move into this New Year we are thankful for the many who continue to check in with us. We have kind of fallen off the wagon of blogging and social media, not to hide, but mostly because we have three very active and very crazy boys. This past year has not been without its ups and down, but one thing that we have seen as we look back is the Lord’s presence as we have navigated some rough waters. But as it pertains to Levi and his progress we have much to celebrate.

He continues with his weekly routine of PT/OT and horseback riding therapy. We have added into the mix craino-sacral therapy (an osteopathic medicine), working with a nutritionist and swimming therapy. Day in and day out, Levi’s recovery demands a lot of additional time, but the investment is well worth it, especially as we see him to continue to progress the way he has. The faith that we have is that it will be the sum total of all that Levi does that will help him reach whatever level of healing and recovery he will achieve.

We were blessed last year by the many who partnered with us and the Mitchell Thorp Foundation to help us give Levi the care that he needs. They are a foundation that specifically focuses on supporting families whose children suffer from life-threatening illness, diseases and disorders. As a result of our partnership, ALL of Levis medical expenses as well as non-insurance covered therapies were paid for by the foundation. We owe a whole lot of thanks to our team.

Because our goal is to continue to give Levi the care and support he needs, and because we still are in need of help with these extra expenses we are partnering with the Mitchell Thorp Foundation again this year for their 5th Annual Heart for Hope 5K. Please consider joining in the fun at the walk on Feb 1, we plan on having a lot of fun!  See website and flyer for additional details.  Event Details.  Please feel free to pass this along!  To provide direct sponsorship to Levi's team click here.

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