Monday, October 10, 2011

Set Free

As we drove away from the hospital, Levi said a couple of things that were just so darn cute. First, as we pulled out of the driveway he said, "Weeee!". Then, as we were on our way we were talking about going to his grandma's and grandpa's house and he repeatedly said, "I'm ready." He had been asking to go there for over a week. The little guy got all tuckered out with excitement and didn't make it to Ma and Pa's house awake! It was pretty sweet that he wanted to read his huge Richard Scary book, as was his old habit in the car. (Note the awesome usage of his left hand!)

So we blasted through the weekend with a little bit of relaxation and a lot bit of friends and family welcoming us home. The first few nights sleeping have gone quite well. He usually only gets up once, but settles without any snacks. I do miss the endless supply of hospital bed sheets and the "Soiled Laundry" bin that magically takes away soiled sheets. We are still working on a strategy for keeping him from overflowing his diaper through the night, we have been changing it at his wakings, but more than that would require an extra waking on my or Dan's part and at this point, I'd rather do the laundry.

Monday: What a glorious day, it felt so, so great to be at home with both the boys having them play together while I made a very yummy fall breakfast (which they both refused to eat).

Levi has his PT/OT evaluation on Wed am and after that we will know what his weekly schedule will be. I am eager to know that so I can start planning our life around it.

Levi's hand is doing absolutely amazing, he is using it without being forced to and it is open
and loose most of the time. Prior to his recovery it was clenched closed and it was hard for him to open it. He continues to walk with assistance and was eager to do that today, especially when he got to show off for a neighborhood friend. He was so proud of himself, it was pretty sweet. His left foot turns in when he walks, which makes walking more of challenge, this will likely be a major focus in PT. You can see how cramped up his foot is in this photo. The braces he has really help him get his foot flat, making walking a little less painful.

Today, while they were taking a bath together, Kade yells out at me, "Mom, Levi's eye is open." Ah, ya Kade. Old news. However, maybe he meant more open than before. It's hard to say, if it is improving, but we still need a little more progress on the eye to have it be back to normal.

Off to get rested up for another adventure with the boys tomorrow!



  1. joy joy joy, kara. i can only imagine what it must be like to go for months without the reality of your two boys and being home with them to it being REAL!! so thrilled for you all.

  2. wooowoooo! so glad you are all together under one roof again. been thinking about you.

  3. I'm so glad that y'all are home and beginning to get "settled" into your latest routine before baby #3 arrives. Welcome home, Levi!!

  4. Glad it's not a nightmare! It is interesting to know what was going on with his hand cause we could see it in the pictures but wasn't sure how bad it was. I am so glad to know that he can learn to unclench it! Same with the foot! It's good to know he has the ability to get back to normal and that it's not affected his memory and his education...he seems like he can talk and remember well...right? Anyways, It's a good thing that you are all finally together!

  5. Hello, my name is Jeanine and a friend of mine shared your post with me. I was wondering where you live because my mom is a physical therapist and she is absolutely amazing if I do say so myself. Your son looks like my son so even though I don't know your story seemed to really hit home. I would love to e-mail you if you are interested. I hope to hear from you!

  6. Such wonderful news!!! Thinking of you and your family always. The Canns

  7. Try doubling up the diaper - it works for us. If it doesn't spill over into the second diaper you reuse it next time. :o) Hopefully it will cut back on some laundry.

  8. My friend Alisha sent me your blog right when it first started & I've been keeping up with your family's story. I've laughed, cried, and prayed a lot for Levi, and seeing him in his very own car seat really made me smile today! You are all amazing & God is so great.
    Thank you for sharing your story & please give his chubby little cheeks a smooch for me!