Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day trip home!

Since we are nearing the end of our time here at Rady's they gave us 8 hours of freedom and allowed us to take Levi off premises.

We started our day out with a breakfast at Swami's Cafe and then a walk along the coast, one our family's favorite weekend outings. Levi was constantly wanting to keep up with his big bro, which was refreshing to see. I felt like my 2 year old Levi is back! During our walk he even wanted to get out of the stroller and walk, which didn't last for very long, but was great to see his enthusiasm to try.

I guess overall that was the best part of the day, he wanted to do all the things he used to be able to do and I could see him pushing himself harder and harder, unlike any sort situation therapy is able to reproduce. His desire to walk was most apparent, he even stood all by himself a couple of times, with us spotting him.

So here we are, waiting to start another week of therapy. Sunday nights seem to be the roughest on both Dan and I. We very much look forward to the idea that this is the second to last Sunday evening our family has to be apart. Before today, two more weeks was starting to feel soon, but now that we got a taste of home life, it is feeling a bit longer. I am thankful that Levi didn't seem to mind coming back to the hospital and jumped right back into his routine here.

I am so excited to be home for fall and to start cooking and baking again. A few nights ago a friend brought a beautiful homemade meal (including fresh baked wheat bread) and it made me realize how much I miss eating food made with love, with nutrition.

Kade has taken to photography, hence the creative style of photos, but I think he's pretty good.
(And yes, in the top photo, Kade is wearing soccer socks, cowboy boots and he combed his own hair, that boy has got style, what can I say?)


  1. it is amazing how much progress he has made. i will continue to pray that God will strengthen your family in this tough time. love you all! anjuli

  2. Awww what a relief! Glad to see that he is doing great! Also we are so happy that he was able to go back to the hospital with no sadness on Levi's part! That would be really tough if he put up a fight about it especially with 2 weeks left. You guys look great and as always we love seeing his pictures!

  3. This makes me so happy to see. I think of you guys so much and so desire to come by and see you, but I guess soon enough you'll experience life with 3 kids! It sounds like his progress is going to take off even more once you are home.

  4. So happy to hear of all of the progress! Yippee Levi! and Yipppee God for continuing to heal/restore him! Love you guys!

  5. Sat down to read the latest blog posts and the news of Levi's strength and recovery progress has made my day. One day, I'm sure these boys will journal about this whole experience and how their parents unwavering faith in the Lord brought them through...what an admirable display of Godly parenting. :)

  6. So fun to see these pictures, the progress Levi is making, and your sweet family (that I love so dearly) getting to the end of this chapter. Loves! Still prayin for ya!

  7. This is the perfect way to start my day reading this. We, too, are looking forward to the day we get to see you all together as a family. I am all smiles as I see these photos of Levi outside again. As we move forward through the storms, we are reminded by God that we will once again see our rainbow. With love, Jessica Sepulveda

  8. Wow... fantastic! Your post brings joyful tears to my eyes. Rejoicing for you all and the good things the Lord is doing. Soon you will be home again life will feel more normal. What a great blessing to see all the enthusiasm and "go for it" attitude Levi has.
    Kade is a natural with the camera. You are very blessed indeed. So happy for you all. Thank you for your posts, they are truly inspiring and you truly are one of my heros.
    Press on, it won't be long now.

  9. What an encouraging update! Praying these 2 weeks fly by and that he continues to surprise everyone with his growing progress!
    You are amazing. Love you!

    ps. I can't get over how darling your boys are...missing them (and you) so much!


  10. Yeah that is so exciting that we was able to walk with you guys!!! Such cute pictures of you and the family!! We will keep praying for a continued speedy recovery. Sometime Home is the best medicine so hurry home!!