Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Official Day in Rehab

Here is a pic of Levi getting all geared up for his physical therapy. I wish his enthusiasm for getting dressed lasted through to his therapy. The little guy just hates it and it's hard to see him get so upset and dislike these therapists so much. They keep trying to offer him toys as peace offerings and he has absolutely no interest in them and just swats them away. I know that he will eventually warm up to them, but in the mean time it's hard to watch.

Today Levi got "discharged" from the hospital and "re-admitted" to Rehab. In reality, all that meant for us is that I had to sign some more papers and we had to weight and measure him.

Speaking of weighing him. My baby now weights just over 30 lbs, that's up 5-6 lbs from when we were admitted. When I try to lift him, he feels like he weights even more than that.

Tomorrow we are gearing up for a big event . . . a bath! Should be interesting. He used to love baths, so I hope he'll enjoy it, but I feel doubtful that he will.

Working with the therapists has made our days more interesting, but the more I talk with them the more I realize that I have a child with serious brain trauma and a long, unpredictable road ahead. I can't tell if I am living in denial or just choosing to think about the potential rather than the current reality.

Let's hope and pray his therapy goes a little bit better tomorrow!


  1. Morgan has worked with PT and OT's since she was 1. When she was 2 they would put 2 lb. weights on each ankle and made her walk up the stairs to me waiting for her at the top. She would cry the whole way as would I. I hated watching her in pain and i just kept telling myself that it was good pain this would help her in the bigger picture but it sucked. Today she is 6 and will try anything and everthing she puts her mind to despite her CP. She is amazing and honestly is more of a fighter in life then me. :0 I am so sorry it is hard. You are doing amazing and you will get through this.

    Christine Virtue

  2. I love that smile on his face! He looks so proud of being dressed. I think I'd be focused on the potential as well. Don't borrow trouble from tomorrow--Matthew 6!

  3. He is so cute here! I am so glad to see him smile! He really is a chub!! That is so cute! He may have a hard time in Therapy just cause of that...besides he hasen't moved much since a week before the reunion. I hope it's mostly the loss of muscle and the amount of added weight that makes it hard for him and not damaged nerves and such. Keep the picts and movies coming... I get excited to see the videos!
    Stay positive!!! It's probably just faith!!

  4. Don't be discouraged! Levi is doing great. If you feel like you have nothing new to write about, or you're too tired to write anything, take a picture. I've looked closely at his recent post op pictures. His right eye remains closed but I'd be much much more concerned if he could not close his eye. Inability to close the upper and lower eye lids is more consistent with facial nerve damage than a closed eye. Also his facial tone and mouth look good, from what I see in the photos. The one photo of him smiling appears to suggests no serious facial nerve injury. The right side of his mouth/lips don't appear to be drooping. Lots of reasons for encouragement!

  5. so good seeing both you and levi. You are not alone in all of this. one day at a time. praying and loving you always. anjuli

  6. I read your updates everyday & carry you all in my thoughts & prayers throughout the day. You make me want to be a better person!

  7. We are so happy to see all of levi's amazing progress! I have been sharing levi's story with wyatt and gavin and this morning gavin (2 yr) asked "why" Levi is sick and my heart melted. He then asked to kiss his picture to "make him all better." We look forward to more updates and hope to visit soon! Xoxo The Cann family