Sunday, September 4, 2011

A holiday weekend

Levi sporting his new shades

Levi's spirits continue to get better and better, although I have to admit that I can't quite get used to his "new" smile. Since he SO much chubbier than before his surgery his little smile, while still adorable, just makes me laugh each time it surfaces.

Dan and I have been hugely blessed this weekend, as our brother and sis in law (Dan's bro) have come into town for the long weekend to give us some relief. Dan, Kade and I all got to wake up together, which was a sweet time as Kade's morning routine is to come snuggle with us in the a.m. before we officially get up. Levi is always the first thing on his mind and starts the day off by inquiring about him and he says he misses him. This morning he asked why Levi never gets to snuggle. Our house is just not the same without him and it's apparent that Kade senses it as strongly as we do.

Since Dan and I had family to be with both boys, we were able to accept an offer from college friends to go to a Cal Poly vs. San Diego State football game. The night out and time with company was well needed and very restorative. It's like being torn in two to do these "normal" types of activities. While I desire to see friends and enjoy life, all the while I think of my baby slowly getting well in his room and it's hard to leave his side.

Today, we are looking forward to getting to church as a partial family and taking another few moments to be restored.


  1. Thank you for sharing Kara, he looks so cute in his shades, we will continue to pray for your guys and Levi's continued healing.

  2. Kara...I'm loving the smiles on his face and your hubbys! :) Nice to see. Praise God for it.
    My 2 year old boy Walle specifically mentioned praying for Levi last night. :)

  3. Precious little levi! he's an incredible miracle guys. So happy God has blessed you with support so you and Dan can get away for a little date night. Still praying

  4. Glad you got some time away... Its good for the soul and for Kade ;) Keep up the good work... You are amazing! ~Whitney

  5. Such a cute picture! Glad you guys are getting some extra time with Kade this weekend and some time to yourselves. So sweet that Kade is missing Levi so much...I hope and pray you guys will all be home together soon!