Sunday, August 14, 2011

Apple Juice and Chocolate Milk

Levi slept very peacefully last night and has continued to appear calm and comfortable. This morning he sweetly requested apple juice, and slowly slurped that down. He quickly then requested Chocolate Milk!!! It was quite satisfying to fulfill that request for him.

Dan and I also got the best night of sleep since this adventure began, my (Kara's) dad did the night shift with Levi, which we are thankful for.

It's funny that one of the sweet games we used to play was one that he pretended to be puppy and would crawl up to me in the kitchen and bark. I would then rough up his hair and get him a puppy treat (aka. a kids multi-vitamin). I find that funny because now with is face so swollen, to me he looks like a pug. His nose is dwarfed by his face swollen up around it. Sadly, now both eyes are swollen shut.

Looking at the week ahead is somewhat overwhelming. Since we have some of our family leaving town, we are trying to figure out how we are going to manage Kade, our 4 year old, Dan getting back to work and the most demanding job of having somebody at Levi's bedside 24/7. We are so blessed with support, so have confidence that it will work out, it's just figured out that will be our challenge today. I am rather excited for the spread sheet I get to create to organize our week, I'm a dork like that.


  1. Kara such great news. I just want you guys to know that you are more than welcome to drop Kade off at our house if you want/need. We are five minutes from Childrens and have kids for him to play with. Please take us up on the offer if you need, our kids would love playmate. We are around pretty much all week! Let me know, 805-801-0535
    Allison Priola

  2. Kara, I have Tuesday-Friday off work if you wanted to drop cade off at our house for the day. Caleb and Hannah would like that. Let me know. I know its not close to the hospital but I am totally free to help you out :)
    760-712-7344 Natasha (next door neighbor)

  3. Kara, I wish I was close to help. But, I will keep praying for God to work out the details, small and big!

  4. Kara, very happy to hear that Levi is healing and requesting for his chocolate milk =) You have my cell number, so if you need me to drop by a starbucks or chipotle or subway - just send the request and I'll be glad to do so. I live near UTC, and am very near to the hospital. God bless all of you! - Gwen

  5. I have been following what's been going on with Levi and was gone all weekend, so happy to hear that things are going well, God is good and prayer powerful!

  6. Aubrea and I can make ourselves available this week & next, whenever you need help with Kade! She loved babysitting your boys...and would love to watch Kade, free of charge of course! Praising God that He has answered our prayers so quickly! Wendy & Aubrea