Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holy Awesomeness

So tonight I am quite happy to announce that we made it to the promised land. Of course the move happens right at bedtime, but hey, I am not about to complain about it.

This room is beautiful and it is everything that one could hope for as they look forward to an extended hospital stay. Here is his new room. Lovely, isn't it? There is also huge bathroom and bath that is not pictured. Can't wait to give this boy a bath!!

I am tired, so this will be a shortish post, but I just wanted to spread the exciting news.

Pray for Levi's anxiety during his physical therapy, as he is very unsure of himself and seems very scared to try things with his new body.


  1. Alright!!! Love that progress is being made and there are sweet moments of success! Can't wait to hear how therapies go and hopefully after a few days Levi will be having so much 'fun' moving around again he will surprise you with joyful progress. We can always pray and hope for that :)

  2. Praying for his anxiety! Good news on the room move!

  3. So one step closer!!! Wow it is huge...is that a fold out bed?? Awesome!

  4. Great News!!! Can't wait to see how he does!