Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eyes wide open...kind of

Woke up this morning to Levi looking at me through his one good eye. The other one is still pretty purple, but right now Levi is relaxing watching some Curious George. The bandage on his head came of today. The neuro surgeon is much less gentle with the bandage removal. His incision and staples puts Frankenstien to shame. I will spare you the pictures. You can thank Kara for that filter. He is off all IV fluids now in the effort the get his body to begin self regulating. All we need to do is dial in one of his hormone dosages before they are ready to transfer Levi out of the ICU. The transfer could be to intermediate care or straight to the rehab unit. I think we want the rehab unit if he is ready because it is that much closer to getting home.

He has started his physical therapy and it is miraculous the progress he has made in one day. Yesterday he was unable to sit up on his own and hold his head and this morning he was sitting on his own and supporting his head. He did this for about 10 minutes. They are planning to have him work on walking tomorrow. The kid is a champ and we are at awe at his progress.

So many have offered their help and just because you have not heard from us, does not mean we do not need your help. We are just figuring out how to utilize all that we have been given. My(Dan's) parents and brother and sister-in-law were down last week. A huge blessing as they really help Kara and I focus on Levi while they helped give Kade some much needed attention. One of my best friends can in to town for a help the past two days. Kara and I are just doing the best we can to take steps towards normalcy...but we have many steps to take.

The reality of Levi's hormone treatment is starting to take shape. Daily oral suppliments and a growth hormone shot each day. The nurse commented on it being a short needle. In the world of shots a needle is a needle when you are getting poked each day. But in the grand scheme of things some daily suppliments is no big deal, compared to what we were facing last week.

Please continue your prayers for healing and a quick rehab. Ultimately we are praying that his pituitary will find it's banlance and regenerate. It would be a miracle, but this whole process has been miraculous so let's keep hoping and expecting.


  1. THANKING THE LORD! So happy that he is progressing so quickly and will be home before you all know it. God is good and children heal so quickly. Thank you for keeping us all up to date. We are rejoicing and confident that he will be fully healed in no time at all. Blessings to you all

  2. So excited he is going to be walking!!! He is quick to recover! It's amazing that his head was opened up, worked on, then put back together, and how he is good enough to ask for chocolate milk. He is still the same boy after all that messing with his brain. We are still praying for him to FULLY recover...God is good ALL the time.

  3. Prayers of rejoicing, prayers of continued healing, strength and faith for you all!
    Much love,
    The Gaines Family

  4. So nice to hear he is doing so well... Keeping you all close in my thoughts and prayers.
    ~Whitney (Ewing) Kahn

  5. It makes my heart so happy to hear that Levi is recovering well. We continue to pray for a full recovery.