Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chocolate milk and apple juice...a lot of it

So this photo, all NINE cups in it represent all the chocolate milk and apple juice Levi drank LAST NIGHT...crazy. You would think if you drank that much you would have to, as they say, pee like a race horse. Which he did, which is exactly what they wanted him to do. At last count his sodium levels are up to 146, with 145 being the goal the doctor had yesterday, so he is now in the safe and optimal range. His personality is evident that he is in a much better place. He is asking for things and communicating a lot better, using his very cute NO as a response to most things. He slept rather well, considering he had ice packed around him for most of the night. He is still working through a fever, which could be an infection or it could be nothing but the hypothalamus(control center of body regulation in the brain) getting itself back to normal. The tumor was pushing on it and the disruption can easily cause many of the symptoms we are observing.

Kara and I are settling in to a new perspective on our stay here, not focusing on the exit point, but making sure that each day is healthy and productive for ourselves individually, as a couple and a family, making sure we are feeding the mind, body and soul. I guess you can say we are letting go of the things we have no control of and taking control of the things get can. It has really helped us already look at the day in a new light.

Thank you as always for your love, prayers, thoughts and support. Your comments help sustain us. Please keep praying that the fever will subside and that his hormone levels will find the proper balance.



  1. praying, praying, praying. thinking of you guys.

  2. Just so you know, there are still tons of people out here praying for your little boy and for your family. Many of us you don't even know. I got a prayer request when you first put up this blog and have been following Levi's progress each day. My friend put him on a prayer line of over 10 million people. I think it's working. You guys are remarkable in strength and faith. Levi will be back to normal soon. Have a great day today.

    ~ Mary T.

  3. You guys are a true inspiration and I am in awe of the way both of you have been dealing with your difficult situation. Kade and Levi are lucky to have such amazing parents. Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  4. So happy that you are on your way to normality! You are blessed to have God on your side...

    this song and video brings tears to my eyes when I think of all you have gone are in a battle and when God is for you NOTHING can stand against you!

  5. Great news regarding the sodium levels and more of Levi's true personality coming out. Did you get any smiles from him today?

    Grateful for both your attitudes to live fully present in each moment. We will continue to pray that God gives you the faith to do so.

    Love you guys.

  6. We are praying for you and Levi! It's so great to hear that his little personality is shining through again. Love you guys!

    Ryan, Steph & Judah

  7. Thank you for the worship song Anne Marie. Nearly took me to tears out here in front of Starbucks. It is a much needed reminder that OUR GOD IS GREATER. HE IS OUR HEALER. HE IS AWESOME IN POWER>

  8. So happy to read this. Praying for Levi throughout the day.

  9. So encouraged by your perspective of letting go of what we have no control the chocolate milk and apple juice pic! And love that you are taking joy in the simple moments like his personality-filled "no's"...
    Kelly Arreola