Thursday, August 18, 2011

Levi is one tough little dude

Difficult day as a parent watching Levi's body battle through fever, a racing heart beat, backed up bowels(sorry), and strained breathing throughout the day. On a day where it seemed that there was so much promise with the way things went last night. Well maybe the 9 cups of milk and juice didn't help with the whole bowel situation.

Now as we head to sleep, his fever is down, his pulse is calmer, his breathing is somewhat easier, and his bowels are empty (be glad that you did not choose today to come visit...sorry again). We are learning more that our stay here will be a bit longer then anticipated, all depending on how quickly he rehabs back to full strength and function. That being said, Rady's is a great place to visit. If it is ugly and overcast on the coast, it is bright and sunny here. Feel free to stop by. Consider this an open invitation. We'll be here.


  1. Levi is going to be fine! I've been watching his progress and Jodi and I have been praying. Neurosurgery is not predictable no matter how benign the tumor. But from my perspective, Levi is hanging in there very well. We are praying non stop! Love, Jerry and Jodi

  2. I work with Corrina at Faith Chapel and have been following your blogs regularly :) Just know that you have someone praying for you often that doesn't even know you but is touched by your family :) Cling to Jesus during this time. He is faithful! God bless you!