Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday . . . glad I paid attention in Biology

A good night's rest helps with everything! Heading into the hospital I felt so much better about today, which I needed, really needed. Thankfully, I felt recharged because when I got to Levi I was met with disappointing news. He was not nearly as responsive as he was yesterday, he is running a fever and still won't eat (or throws up if he does) and now won't drink everything. Ah!!! For a moment, I had a major mom freak out because of these declines.

After a review by the lead Intensivist here, he determined that all of this is likely due to his very low sodium levels. Because of the surgical disruption to his pituitary he is being given hormones to control his urine output, the dosage was too high, not allowing him to get rid of extra water or allowing his body to self regulate. I am hopeful that since they took measures to adjust immediately, he will start to feel better and be able to eat and keep it down. They have decided to get him back on IV nutrition, so I am hopefully that will help him too. His sodium level this am was 128, normal levels are 135-145, so let's pray that we will be able to maintain him at those levels fast and that the Docs can find the correct dosage for his sweet little body.

Not sure how physical therapy is going to go this afternoon considering I can't even get him to respond to simple questions. Here's to hoping.

We are looking at a few more days for sure in the PICU, but don't know much beyond that. Dan and I were discussing this am that we have to gain new perspectives and expectations of our daily life. Choosing to live for the day and make the best of each moment, not living for what is to come, but what is immediately before us.

Thanks for keeping us lifted up and helping us to survive each day.


A pre-op video, reminding us of the sweet boy that we are all rooting for.


  1. I'll be at Rady's next week Tuesday and Wednesday 1115 - 630pm I am doing my pediatric rotation there. Maybe we will see each other :) Just remember in healthcare everyday is different good and bad. Levi will get better and dont get discouraged by the downs focus on the ups! My family is praying, my kiddos miss Levi and love him. Talk to you soon

  2. he is so sweet! i love that little video clip. i will be praying. love you. anjuli

  3. Praying for a turnaround by the end of the day!

  4. He's so cute! Praying that things turn around quickly for him. Love you, Krissa.

  5. I'm a friend of the Zimmerman's and have been checking on Levi daily since Peggy's post on facebook. Sometimes we need to measure our victories in tiny little baby steps instead of huge leaps and bounds. Praying for victory in Levi's sodium levels tomorrow, and also for you to see those beautiful "smiley eyes".

  6. Still praying for all the day to day, minute to minute trials and victories! I pray that he will be a little more himself everyday! Love, Andrea

  7. Laying here in bed reading your post and praying for levi.

  8. Oh girl, the ups and downs are so hard to gauge emotionally as a mama, I will pray for you and your heart as you continue on in this journey. I love you and we love Levi. Praying for his body to balance out and for him to be feeling more like himself! XOXO to you all!

  9. I am confident that He who began a new work in Levi will carry it on to completion! I am praying this for Levi! Love!


  10. Having been in your shoes I know exactly how you feel, I clearly remember feeling the high of good news only to find myself confronted by a new challenge. Believe me when I say that better times are ahead. Taurin was in the PICU for a total of 35 days, but all that seems so long ago now. If i can provide you with a couple of words of advice, they would be as follows; Levi will heal on his own time, and during that time you may need to make adjustments, try not to schedule his discharge day. All to often we hoped that today was the day only to have to face the reality that our Taurin was not ready.
    If you have the chance I would recommend that you read a small book titled "Who moved my Cheese". It is a great book that helped me redirect my expectations in life. I will often speak these words "Someone moved my cheese and I am going to follow it"
    I hope this can help you some small way. We continue to keep Levi in our prayers.
    God Bless
    Alyson Ameigeiras