Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Night and a Great Day

The wonders of a good nights rest. Levi slept from around 7:30 pm to 7:00 am, which meant that I(Dan) got a good nights rest as well, only I napped so much from the previous night, I had a harder time getting to sleep myself. My night went something like this: almost asleep, getting there, deeper...beep, beep, beep(some alarm going off)...awake...repeat. Eventually it all worked out and Levi and I are feeling rested. Kara was home with Kade for a second night and he is going to be coming doing to the hospital for the day. Dad and Kade will probably get away for a little while this afternoon for some bonding time and then another night either at home or we may try to have Kade stay with us here at the Ronald McDonald House.

Well enough about us, back to Levi. All his levels are staying in a good range. We don't want to get to hopeful, but a rehab transfer is looking closer and closer. There he will get 3 hours of rehab each day as opposed to 30 minutes. His physical and occupational therapist are not his favorite people, only because they are pushing him in his development each day, but they are great people and we know they will get him back to 100%. It will take some time for his strength and confidence to be built back up. So often I find myself thinking about Levi running around, dancing, and just being a 2 year old. It brings me joy as I look to the day when he will be able to do those things again.

Had a good chat with endocrine today, getting a better picture of Levi's near and long term treatment, which will just take a little getting used to as we work it into our daily routine. It does mean Levi will require somewhat of an instruction manual for anyone who is watching him for a long period of time. But in the grand scheme of things that is all no big deal. The CANCER is gone. I will take a few pills and a shot any day over the alternative.

I recently was listening to a message preach out of the first chapter of Philipians in the bible. Here is the link if you want to listen to it. It was about having victorious joy. When we place our hope and trust in things that will fail us then it is easy to get discouraged and let down. But as we place our hope in the One who is faithful, surrender those things that we have no control of the the sovereign God who does have control, and we truly believe that as it says in the book of Romans chapter 8 verse 28 that for those who love God, He works all things for GOOD according to His purposes. The key thing for me these days is the His purpose part because that is what I am resting upon, God's purpose in all this, the way He is using this to mold and shape ourselves more into the people He designed us to be. This type of perspective helps put the circumstances of life into checkmate. With the help of God, we win no matter what. We trust that God's got this, we rest in His power and purpose, believe that He is much bigger then all this, and take control of the things we can and leave the rest in His care, letting Him worry about the things we can't change or control...we have victory, we have joy, and that is a great place to be.


  1. Yay for Levi's improvements and stability, we pray for Levi daily so he will get back to health 100%!!! Keep up your amazing faith and strength, you are an inspiration and I know God is smiling for your love and confidence in Him!!!

    God Bless,
    Laura & Erik Bianchi

  2. Praying daily for your precious son.I follow your updates with great expectation of God's mercy and love for Levi. May God hold your entire family in His arms.

    Jane Meuers

  3. Amen! Cancer is gone! The "instruction manual" is nothing next to that news!

  4. Really hoping Molly, Aine and I can visit you soon! Our thoughts and prayers continue for Levi and Kade, you and Kara!
    Much love and many prayers, Colleen Gaines