Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our August at Rady's

You know how when you go on vacation and you forget what the date is and you are not sure what day it is. Two weeks in the hospital is kind of like staying at an all inclusive vacation resort, but not as awesome and with really bad food.

Not a whole lot to report these past two days, just more of the same challenges we have been facing this past week, only with many improvements. Levi has been stabilizing, just trying to get his days and his nights straight which makes for some long nights for dad. We are just fine tuning his hormone meds so that he can keep his sodium levels in the optimal range. Today they dropped low again and he got very tired and non-responsive, never that awesome to witness, thankfully not as low as last time. Hopefully, we may be transferred to the rehab unit early next week (so we are told to hope). The change is a welcome one, as we all could use a change of scenery, especially Levi. We had to move him into a crib because he was showing a desire and increased ability to get out of his bed.

We are pleased with his progress, but we are learning to not hold too tightly to anything because it seems as fast as things can improve, they can decline as well. One day, one moment at a time.


  1. loving Levi and thinking of you at his bed side...

  2. Solana and Sawyer are sending sweet cousin love and hope this next day is filled with only more blessings.

  3. It is such a crazy feeling to look forward to something like the rehab unit. I remember wanting so badly to start Chemo, Taurin had to be stable to start.
    Who looks forward to Chemo? Parents in need that's who! Our new normal was so removed from our old life, but in the end the ups and down are the same as in any other aspect of your life the feeling of fear or joy is the same it doesn't change only the circumstance that makes it occur. The true realization is that many other aspects of your life are trivial.
    Keeping levi in our prayers

  4. Still praying for you all from Canada!!! Love you guys...
    Julie and London

  5. Thinking of you everyday. Hope to see you again soon :)


  6. Ahhh we love you guys and we can't wait for Christopher to play with Levi and Kaden again. Still praying for faith and healing!!

  7. Can't wait to come see you in person and hug you.... lots of hugs for you all :) soon, very soon!

  8. We are continuing to pray for Levi's healing and recovery and for strength, endurance and encouragement for you guys as you are brought through this trial. You guys have been an encouragment to so many with your faith, perspective, and proper focus (on the One who carries you through everything)...thank you! Love, the Pipers